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  •  ISPTimer is for those users who have set monthly dialup accounts where exceeding the time limit incurs additional charges, or if you are just curious as to how much time you spend online surfing. The program counts down, displaying the time left during the current month, automatically resetting at each new month (default) or any day, user set between the 1st and 28th. The title bar flashes when there is 1 hour remaining and beeps when down to the last 5 minutes. The sound turns off when time used however the title bar continues to flash showing that time has been exceeded. The start up information can be entered by pressing the 'I' button. The time used can be reset or an estimate of time entered where starting the program part way through the month.
    Pressing the 'I' (info setup button) opens the settings form.
    1/ Enter your monthly time allowance in hours that your ISP account is for in the box marked '< Time allowance'
    2/ If you are starting partway through an accounting period you can enter an estimated time used in the format ###.##, 5.55 = 5 hours 33 minutes in the box marked '<Time used'. The decimal value after the point has a resolution of .6 minutes. The timer when operating and storing times has an internal resolution of ± 1 second.
    3/ Enter the last day of your accounting period in the box marked '<End of month day else 0. E.G.if you are charged month to month on the 20th enter 20. The range of this entry is 0 - 28. ( 28 being the smallest month.) The default is 0 which seems to be common for most providers who charge by calendar month. Update the entries when finished. Repeat the above for each ISP selected from the dropdown box.
    ISPTimer - requires no intervention once running. It loads itself automatically when the computer is first started provided of course, it is installed in the'Start Up' directory. If you use more than one Internet provider you will need to set the correct one before connecting. This is so the times are recorded against the current one in use. The recommended way to operate the dial-up timer is to select the ISP from the selection box and use the timer's connection button. This will automatically select the right dialup for that provider. When login procedures are completed the timer will minimize and start timing operations. At this point you can start your browser, e-mail, chat, ftp etc, programs that you would normally use with the selected ISP.

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