Image anaico.GIFTIMES ENTRY:
There are several methods for entering time.
  12 Hour and Minutes
  24 Hour
Times Must be entered as Hours & Minutes. I.E - 8.30 not 8.5
Image TimeV4.GIF
Time entry input area
  Start & End Times
Task Start & End times in the following formats:
8.33am or 8.33AM or 8.33 or 8:33 or 8.33A or 8.33a
4.30pm or 4.30PM or 4.30P or 4.30p or 16.30 or 16:30
Caution: If the time is entered in the format I.E. 1.3 then the time value will be calculated as 1.03, not 1.30. A number entered as a whole number will not be accepted. I.E 8 not accepted but 8.0 or 8.00 or 8a or 8p or 20.0 or 20.00 or 20:00 etc. The inputted times are automatically converted to 24Hr format.
Once these two boxes have legal entries pressing the 'Tab' or 'Enter' key will automatically calculate the time difference and add too the 'Total Time' box. If Analyzer is used as a continuous online application where each operator has there own work station then the optional 'S' and 'E' buttons can be used to enter start & end times using the computers internal time clock.
When the 'Total Time' has received time information the 4 main input boxes change color to indicate that there is sufficient data to Save the entry. This gives a visual indication that data should be saved and prevents selecting new data while the current information hasn't been saved.
Image Time2V4.GIF
Main input screen
To cancel and correct or re-enter data use the 'Clear|A' buttons or continue with the 'Save' button and cancel with the 'No' confirmation button.
The 'Clear' button clears the 'Total Time' box and positions the cursor at the  'End' entry box. The clear 'A'  clears all the time input boxes.