If you wish to have employee photos then we recommend that they are stored in the PHOTO sub directory of ANALYZER. The best format is of the JPG type saved at 96 DPI ( Screen Resolution ). The pictures should be cropped to a square format before saving in the Photo Directory.
Data Base (MS Access 2003)
If opening the Analyzer's data base with MS Access we strongly recommend using a duplicate copy. Any corruption of the data base from direct manipulation by using another program may result in irrecoverable loss of data.
Using a duplicate copy will allow MSAccess or similar type programs to create further levels of reporting well beyond the scope and original intention of the ANALYZER software.
NB Since version 4.70 the database is password protected. If upgrading from earlier releases, databases will automatically become password protected when opened. The password is supplied with your registration email or can be obtained directly from upon request.
If reports don't show make sure you have a default printer configured in windows. Empty reports generally means that the selection criteria is not valid.