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The task data base is where all operations concerning the projects are entered including the day to day non chargeable items.
The 'Charge Rate Multiplier' box sets the charge out rate used in some reports. Some process's may require special expertise or the hire of specialist equipment. For example, a special tool needed to be hired at $20.00 per hour and your base rate was $40.00 then this task would cost $60.00 per hour. Dividing $60.00 by the $40.00 base rate would require setting the multiplier to 1.5. The default multiplier is 1.
Refer to the Overview on some methods of setting up task lists or load the sample data base and then print out from the reports menu the task listing.  Normally most tasks should be identified by a number system however Alpha, Numeral or a mix of both is acceptable. NB Some combinations may not sort well when printed.
From experience a number system is learned very quickly by staff enabling filling of time sheets quickly with minimal impact on production time.
Typically most business will operate on less than 100 task types.
This data base is a read only type when Password protection is in use. Production notes for each task can be stored here for reference.