Image anaico.GIFREPORTS:
A large selection of pre-formatted reports have been provided which can be viewed on screen, sent to the printer or exported in many formats.
Report Menus
Reports selection menus
The reports cover the following:
Customer/s By Date Options
All Customer Project Summary
By Customer and Projects
Customer Listing
Project/s By Date Options
By Project
By Project and Task
By Project Description
Project Summary
Project Costed
Project Graph
Project Listing
Employee/s By Date Options
By Employee
By Employee and Task
By Employee and Project
Employee/s by Date - Project Summary
By Employee and Project and Task
Employee Listing
Task/s By Date Options
By Task
Task Listing
The reports that are initiated with the 'By' prefix are first selected from the drop down boxes on the main entry form. The individual project report graph or summary is also preselected by showing the criteria in the Project/Job drop down entry box.
All reports are Exportable in a number of convenient formats for further processing.
Included is the ability to view a 'Daily Time Summary' which is useful to check that times have been entered on the day by the user.
Also the ability to process five custom reports provided they are saved in Analyzer's main directory path and have a file name extension of .rpt1 & .rpt2 etc. These custom reports are built using Crystal Reports software(V8.5 Developer) and can include parameters. The report name becomes the report selection name on the reports menu. E.G If you have a custom report named 'Month End.rpt1' it will replace the grayed out Custom1 menu item with 'Month End'
The report logo can be changed to your own from the default Analyzer+ one on XP systems. Replace the complogo.bmp file in the application directory with a logo having approximate dimensions of 6 x 1.5 cm - I.E an aspect ratio of 4 : 1. This logo must be of the standard Windows BMP format and can be created in MS Paint which is a standard supplied software accessory with Windows.  
If the generated report is empty check your selection criteria. The report will be blank if no matching data is found.