Projects form
Setup Projects form
This window identifies the project number and can be used in a number of ways.
An Electronics Manufacturer may enter as follows:
PROJECT No: 8838A (Unique Job Type)
Abbreviated Description: 60013 - Ajax Corp (Job reference)
Production / Run size: 250 (Production size, used in some reports)
A Motor Mechanic may group types of jobs (generic Job Type)
Abbreviated Description: Clutch replacement
Production / Run size: 1
+(matched up with Task data = Various brands of vehicle)
Choosing a numbering system may impact on your reports. Refer the 'Projects Report Criteria' at the options menu.
The project number can be numeric or alpha or mixture but must not include any spaces. The customer field is not directly accessible and can only be filled by clicking on the selected Customer available in the 'Link project to Customer' box.
The description box should be considered carefully. This entry can be used in a report where projects can be displayed using this field as a criteria. This is very useful where the same job may be repeated many times with a different job number - allowing direct comparison of previous jobs by description. The select box to the right allows selection of previous used descriptions to make this task easier. For this option to work the descriptions must be identical (not case sensitive).
The main system maintenance is also from this data table. Once all reports are printed and suitable hard copy stored the job or project can then be deleted. All references to that job will be removed from the data base thereby reducing its size.
The deletion process issues several warnings before removing all data associated with the project number.  When data has been deleted recovery is impossible unless backups have been made.
  Reset Auto Increment No:
This allows setting of the start number for auto incrementing the project number. When clicked the current number will be displayed. Edit the number to the last number that you have used. I.E the next Add new project will use this number + 1 and automatically place it in the project number box if the 'Auto Increment No' check box is ticked.
  Change Project Number:
This menu item allows the project number to be changed for all previously stored records as well as new. This can be useful if you need to create comparative reports using the 'Like'  selection criteria. After generating reports the project number can be changed back to original.