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The password option provides some basic access rights at program level to the features of the program. As supplied the password function is switched off (administration mode). It can be turned on (user mode) at the Settings menu.
When password mode has been enabled restarting the application presents the password logon form. The Administrator can logon by using 'admin' for user and 'admin' for password.
Note:The administrators password is stored locally and should be changed at each installed location upon installation. The 'admin' user name can not be changed.
If using the sample database the default users (Paul S; Alice M; Mary T; Richard P; Louise M) all have there password set to password. These can be changed at any time.
Password logon form
Password logon form
  FULL ACCESS(Administrator Mode)
This is the default startup condition where all features are accessible.
  PART ACCESS(User Mode)
If password protection has been enabled, at start up, the user will be presented with the password logon form. The User must enter their 'User' name and 'Password' exactly as set by the administrator. NB the user name can be in either upper, lower or mixed case however the password must be exact. Functionality will be limited purely to inputting of data and the viewing of the Task Data Base. Viewing of the Task Data Base is enabled so that any operational notes that may be stored with a task can be viewed. All reports (except the users time-sheet report), some menu items & other data access is disabled.By checking the 'Remember user' box the user name is automatically loaded next time the software is started.
Enter your password as normal. Press the 'Change Password' button.
Type in your new password and repeat in the confirm entry box. Press OK to proceed.
Write down the password in a safe place for future reference if needed.