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Many business's keep daily time sheets in an attempt to track productivity and true time spent on production. The real problem comes about when this data needs analyzing. Most production managers or owners just don't have the time to process this information on an on going basis.  Analyzer+ was designed to produce this analysis at the mere press of a button giving instant reports in just about any data slice wanted.

The introduction of this software in some situations, with its instant, detailed reporting and the staff's awareness that production can be monitored so effectively, has brought about significant production gains with minimal cost or effort.

The main data interface is kept very simple and easy to use by either keyboard or mouse input. The data for the drop down list selection boxes is stored in four main data base tables under the headings of Customer, Project, Employee and Task.  Additional entries for Date, Pieces completed and Time taken as well as a Memo field are provided.

The comprehensive range of reports that are standard with Analyzer+ give detailed breakdowns on the Project, by Staff and by Tasks undertaken. The reports as well as being viewed on screen can be printed or exported to many other applications such as spread sheets, graphing programs, word processors, HTML, text etc. The results show where production time is lost and clearly identifies production bottlenecks. On-going changes in production methods and equipment introduction can be easily monitored for results. Historic times allow effective control of personnel planning requirements, as well as accurate information to base profit making quotations on.

The database is completely compatible with MS Access 2003 if there is a desire to create your own specialist reports not covered by the comprehensive range already supplied with Analyzer+ as standard.

This software is an invaluable tool for timesheet management & reporting without the undue complications of some of the more expensive and complex systems. It has been written using the KIS approach.

Find out where all your manufacturing time goes.
Get a real handle on costs and times.
Locate inefficient processes and bottlenecks in each product's manufacture.
Know exactly what each product costs in terms of labor content and processes involved.
Compare employee capabilities and output.
Enable accurate forecasting of man hours from historical information.
Produce quotations based on previously recorded database information for similar projects.
Compare subsequent production runs against previous ones of the same type.
Produce attractive reports on almost every conceivable variable from the large range of installed report templates.
Operate across networks with databases able to be shared with a number of users.
Use your own custom reports with the in-built 'Crystal Reports' engine.
Export your results to a large range of compatible programs.
Import & Export CSV files between compatible Analyzer Plus (version 4.50 or later) locations.
A ready source of customer information such as delivery addresses, phone, fax numbers & email etc.
A staff database with employee information covering some of the more common requirements.
A project and task database.
Accurate information is the basis of an efficient and manageable operation.