Create a new database by clicking on the file menu tab.
Note: There is a sample database (sample.mdb) automatically loaded when first installed to practise on.
Fill Employee, Project and Customer databases minimally to the boxes identified by a red label [details can be added at a later date].
Establish a task list for all your production procedures and issue to each employee (Task & Project Lists can be printed from the Reports menu). A suggested layout is shown below where tasks have been grouped into categories and then have been further broken down by the 'a' to 'z' descriptors. e.g. Group 20 below concerns various component operations in an Electronics Plant.
Task CodeDescription
10a PCB Masking
10b PCB Drilling
10c PCB Add holes
etc. through to Z
20 Comp. Prep General
20a Comp. Prep Radial
20b Comp. Prep Axial
20c Comp. Manual bend
20d Comp. Cut Manually
etc. through to Z
900 Holiday
901 Sick
950 Meeting
999 Tuition
  Appoint a leading hand or fore-person to enter the data daily. This is a most important step. The appointment of this person to do the daily entries as a predefined and disciplined task reduces the loading on the production manager or owner. Typically data entry for approximately 10 staff takes 5 -10 minutes per day dependant on how detailed the time-sheets are. This will be more than recovered as described in the overview
  If using a leading hand / fore person to enter data we suggest that it is entered the following morning so that if there are any questions to be asked of employees about their previous days time sheets the details will be easily recalled.
  Where there is a networked PC available for each employee then times can be entered individually throughout the working day.
From our experience if data entry is left up to the management then it is all too easy to start missing days due to other work commitments and the results will be disappointing.
REMEMBER: The results will only be as good as the way the Data is collected and entered. This applies to any Data collection, whether it is ANALYZER+ or expensive total manufacturing solution software.