Image anaico.GIFFILE MENU:
This Menu opens the file options.
File Menu Drop-down
File menu drop-down
  Open Database option loads an existing data base or changes an already current data base to a new selection. Analyzer+ stores the last used data base and automatically loads it,  the next time it is run.
  Save Copy As allows an opened data base to be saved under a new name. This enables a copy to be used by another program such as Microsoft Access without jeopardizing the working copy. Also can be used to archive past projects.
  Create New generates an empty data base with the minimum of default records or optionally from a previous Analyzer data base. The add projects tick box is grayed out  as this would not normally be required for a new database however the facility is included and fully operational if needed. See requirements for CSV export.
 Import CSV Entry Data imports data previously exported from Analyzer+. The data can be from remote users to consolidate their time sheets with the main database. See CSV export. NB only import data once from the same source file otherwise you will create duplicates.
Create new database using information from another
Create new database using information from another Analyzer database.
  Printer setup allows selection of any available printer to send reports to. The target printer must be set before creating reports.
  Exit [Fast] closes Analyzer+ without starting the Utilities Options. A quick way of exiting the program.