Employee data
Employee data
There are two Fields that must be entered to identify staff. For fast entry an employee's PAY No: is used as the primary reference. This will always be a unique identifier and eliminates wrong entries if your company has a number of employees with the same name.
NB. The password field must be set if Analyzer Plus is to be used in password mode. On newly created databases the Password field is automatically set to 'password' when adding new employees.  When opening pre existing data bases the administrator should set this field to "password".  The employee needs to be advised of the 'User' name and 'Password' log in details. It is recommended that the  employee change the generic "password" to one of their choosing at the password logon form.
The 'Chg Rate Multiplier' box sets the charge out rate used on some reports. For example the base rate may be $40.00 per hour. Using the entry in the screen shot above Image ChgRateV4.GIF this employee will be costed out at $50.00 (40 x 1.25). A junior may have a multiplier for example of .66. The juniors costed out rate would be $26.40 per hour. The default rate is 1.
All other fields are optional however this data base table is a convenient place to store some basic staff records. The note field is useful for keeping observations about the employee's performance, reviews, warnings etc.
Large companies may find it useful to put a face to the name so provision has been made to store employee Photos in the photos directory.
Personal staff details are protected by the Passwordscheme.