This form allows report processing by 10 different Date options.
Selecting reports by date options
Reports by date selection options
Most of the options are self explanatory except perhaps the Days Between option. This option can be used to report on a single date by entering the date in one or the other boxes. If a date range is desired then enter the oldest date in the first box followed by the ending date in the second.
Once the date method has been selected 1 of the 3 buttons at the bottom of the form process the selection. The left large button reports on the current entry shown on the main entry form. This can be either Employee, Task or Project and the entry which will be reported on is shown on the button face. The middle button selects either All Employees, Task or Projects (This button is only available in administrator mode). The Cancel exits the date selection process without further processing.
If the generated report is empty check your selection criteria. The report will be blank if no data has been found to match.
HINT: Use the 'All Data' report to check that the data you require is within range.