Start up defaults to System Date & Format.
Remember to set date back 1 day if entering Yesterday's time sheets.
Entry must be in the form dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy dependent on Windows Regional Settings. This input is self checking and will warn if incorrect.
NB: To change System Time & Date Format  you need to do as follows.
Click on My Computer Short Cut and open the control Panel Folder.
Click Regional Settings and select your Country. e.g. English (New Zealand)
You can further change the date and time formats by selecting the appropriate Tab and selecting the option that suits.
In most cases selecting the region is all that should be required.  A restart of the computer may be required to initiate the new settings.
Test the date entry to see that the format suits your region. Analyzer+ automatically converts all times to the short times format which is in the 24Hr style, HH:mm.