This is the main form used for entry and selection of reports.
Highlight an area with the mouse and click to get context sensitive help
Main data entry point for Analyzer Plus
Main data entry form
  Moving about
Data entry can be selected by tabbing or pressing the enter key or point and clicking with the mouse.
  Step by Step as follows
1: The date field is high lighted with the current system date. The date can be changed by pressing the down arrow to the right side of the date box - a drop down calendar allows an easy method of date selection. Make changes as required or press keys as above to move to next field. NB This may be need to be adjusted to the day before if entering yesterday's time sheets.
2: If the code for the Customer is known, type in first few letters or select by activating the drop down arrow to the right of the box. Highlight the entry and click the mouse. With linking activated in the options box only projects registered to the selected customer will be visible. A blue line connects the Customer & Project selection boxes when activated.

Linking active

The Project box entries are colored red if the Customer Project link is disabled.

Linking disabled
3: Move through the next three boxes, Project, Employee and Task using the same selection method. If you enter a box with a short code format that may apply to several entries these need to be checked against the description which will appear when entered. Entering such code can also be checked by using the drop down arrow. The first code meeting the selection criteria will be high lighted.
NB If you type in an entry that can't be found in the relevant Data Tables then a message box will appear giving you the option to add a new entry to the associated Data Base
4: Next enter number of pieces completed. Refer to Pieces.
5: Enter start and stop times in the following boxes either directly by typing or automatically using the Start time button Start Time and End time buttons End time at the beginning and end of the Task.  Refer to Times Entry. The form entry boxes will turn to a pinky color indicating that there is sufficient information to save.
6: Press Save button then Yes or optionally No to cancel. The entry boxes will return to a white color indicating that a save has been made.
Pressing the save button checks and advises if any corrections or entries missed before saving.